"1983 to Today: A Testimonial" - Dunedin House, Edmonton


By Buff Parry

It was back in 1983 when the Vice President and the Secretary-Treasurer of my company, Farm Maid Products Ltd, together moved our operation from Regina to Edmonton, and settled into the Petwin Properties apartment building called Dunedin. I was President of this agricultural services international company at the time, and have lived in Dunedin from November 1983 to today--enjoying every day of it. First we had a suite on the 7th floor, then into 803 on the 8th floor, followed by 1502, 1507, and also rented either 1501 or 1510 at that same time. In short, my company and we individually have rented/leased two-bedroom and one-bedroom suites, plus bachelor and studio apartments, over the course of almost 35 years.
Today, I'm no longer renting three units at the same time, and only have  apartment #1507 to account for, but do intend to live in it for years to come. I've always been amazed at your reasonable rates for a suite in the heart of downtown Edmonton---in this quiet tree-lined sanctuary of an otherwise busy city! As one of my professions is that of a writer, I've often thought of what a great book subject this building would make. I'm still giving it some serious thought!

No complaints about Dunedin and looking forward to many more years here.